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About Us

57 Perches is a stitchery inspired by a lifetime of country living, sewing, and the recent purchase of a 100 year old house on 57 perches (third of an acre) in the foothills of Brisbane by Jennifer and her partner Simon.

We specialise in handcrafting a range of custom textiles for you, your home and family in a modern Australian Homestead style. From table runners to bunting and funky puppy coats and bandanas, we make goods the way you want them. Your ideas, your designs, brought to life in our Stitchery.

57 Perches is a family business and our designs are tested and critiqued by a large family, all willing to help out. Sometimes by offering suggestions or design improvements and ideas and other times by sitting down at a sewing machine for hours on end, doing the hard yards. (Please note that child labour is not part of our practice at 57 Perches.)

Living right in the middle of horse country and having a daughter working and studying in equine fields has shown a community need for quality and timely horse rug repairs and this is an area we have recently expanded to fill. 

Our aim is to provide unique and interesting items that you, the customer, want and that is why we love hearing from you. We are happy to work with you and help bring your own Modern Australian Homestead style to life. 

And we do it with All Australian Attitude.

And if you live local to us and just need help with a simple hem or button, we may be able to help with that too!