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Policies and Promises

Below are brief statements describing our company culture

Inclusion and Diversity Statement


At 57 Perches, we understand that inclusion and diversity plays an important role in our success.

Inclusion is about recognising , understanding and appreciating the differences in each other and connecting and adapting to these differences rather than insisting everyone should conform to thinking, acting and being the same.

Our goal is to create a workplace culture where all people can contribute at their highest level and their differing backgrounds are welcomed as a positive influence on our business and culture.


Sustainability Statement

We are committed to protecting our world’s resources and helping to build a sustainable future. We will endeavour to influence our customers and partners to join us in reducing our impact on the environment by:

  1. Minimising waste
  2. Reusing and repurposing where practical
  3. Developing and following policy and procedures that minimise environmental impact
  4. Fostering sustainable practices internally and through encouraging our partners, clients and distributors to do the same
  5. Identify new and evaluate existing practices to set and reach sustainability goals
  6. Comply with, and exceed environmental standards where practical


Social Responsibility Statement

57 Perches recognises the privilege of our position in the world. We are committed to giving back and paying forward, especially in areas that either contribute to our business or may suffer damage due to unethical practices in the textile industry in some countries. Ways we are currently taking some responsibility include:

  1. Regular donations to Oxfam as they work to reduce underpayment of textile workers in developing countries
  2. A $1 donation to The Indigenous Literacy Foundation for each product we make that features the work of an Indigenous artist. We will also name the artist on all references to their work
  • We regularly make and donate minky blankets and mats to A Mini Rescue for their rescued animals. This is done in collaboration with our customer Blankids, who donate their misprinted fabric to us for this purpose