Offering our B2B clients a short, responsive supply chain in textile manufacturing

B2B - Manufacturing

With the demand for Australian handmade items increasing, a number of small businesses are now looking to outsource manufacturing of all or part of their products. We help out numerous businesses with manufacturing their product and usually tailor our service to suit your needs.

We offer various levels of service, meaning you maintain control of your product without the day to day stress of having to do everything yourself or deal with employees. You may want to outsource only part of the manufacturing process or you may want us to manage the entire process for you.

Some services we may be able to help with are:

  • Developing, designing and planning out your product
  • Sourcing components of the final product
  • Cutting 
  • Assembling and sewing your product
  • Pressing and QA - this includes cutting threads, folding, presentation
  • Packaging - Final step in preparing your product ready for sale


Please contact us using the form attached and we can discuss your requirements.